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At Strauss Insurance your story forms ours. With 40+ years of experience in the industry, we have navigated the ever changing insurance marketplace. With all the challenges in today’s world of insurance and the multitude of options for Health, Medicare,

Life, and Long Term Care, it is difficult to and finds the best possible answer for your specific needs.

Have you made the attempt to “do it yourself”and navigate the torrential waters of constantly changing insurance only to give up because it’s way too complicated?


simple insurance


Strauss is always my go to if I have any insurance questions for myself or any of my friends and clients! They are knowledgeable about all types of insurance and never hesitates to take the time to explain everything … simply. They treat every client as a close friend and always go the “extra mile” to make each situation right -- a valuable asset in the insurance community!


Mark Geyer

fights for you


As a General Agent, I deal with many different agents, Martin knows all aspects of Life, Disability and Long Term Care insurance. From a personal service standard he is second to none. He will fight for his clients. He pushes for the best possible offer. We work through the cases to determine what is in the insured’s best interest. I highly recommend Martin as your agent.


Andy Weinstein, VP

New Generation Insurance

changed my appraoch


Before I worked with Strauss Insurance, insurance was as distasteful as paying taxes. The more I dug in to find the right answers for my situation the worse it was for me. I found Strauss Insurance through a business associate and changed my whole approach to insurance.


Sue L.

advisor for 20 years


Strauss has been our advisors and agents on business and family affairs for over 20 years. He has worked with us on our health insurance, life insurance, and long-term care policies.

They always put our interests first in planning for our changing needs.


Edward & Ann Glass

Raves & Reviews


We are a premier boutique insurance brokerage firm based in LA and licensed throughout the USA.


We cater to businesses of all sizes, plus elite clientele of high-wealth individuals, entertainment and music a-listers, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Why Choose Us

  • We know how to find the best solutions for you

  • We take confidentiality very seriously

  • We become an extension of your insurance departments

  • We manage HR duties for your company


To learn more about our services, explore the links below.


Employee Benefits


Health benefits are an important perk when recruiting your employees and an important factor in your employee job satisfaction, dedication, and retention.


Health benefits also tend to be fairly difficult to understand for many, and your employees don’t always realize the value of what they are given. Also, your employees often spend your company time trying to understand their benefits. Our decades of expertise in the field allows us to make sure your employees will both get the most out of their policies and feel confident that they are making the best use of them.


We help your employees

  • Communicate with insurance companies on their behalf to clarify any questions or issues

  • Advocate on their behalf with insurances companies should any problem arise

  • Explain the fine print of their policies.

  • Solve any billing or claims problems

  • Get procedure approvals

  • Make the most of prescription coverage

  • Find doctors and labs in-network

  • Figure out how to get the most out of their benefits for dependents

In a Meeting
Employee Benefits
Gay Family

Life Insurance


With many moving parts that call for personal attention and in-depth understanding of your situation to meet your exact requirements.

Whether you are single, have a family or business, we find the very best solution for your specific needs and budget. We spend unlimited time determining the best choices for your life insurance needs.


Who needs life insurance?

  • Replace income

  • Cover funeral costs

  • Pay-off loan or bill

  • Pay for college 

  • Supporting older parents

  • Mortgage payment or payoff

  • In case a spouse gets sick or dies need cover the cost of children’s expenses

Life Insurance

Long Term Care


The assisted care you or your loved ones need to sustain themselves because of the lack of physical and/or mental abilities.​ 70% of those over age 65 will need these services.

Don't leave the care to chance -- You should have choice in where and the way you are cared for

Who needs Long Term Care?

  • Family members who are or will be primary care providers. (children with older parents, life partners or anyone who needs day-to-day caretaking, including tax implications)

  • Most claims are when people are over age 70 however the best time to shop for it is age 55-65. 

Long Term possible costs:

  • Homemaker: $50,000

  • Home health aid: $52,000

  • Adult day care: $20,000

  • Assisted living facility: $45,000

  • Nursing home: $84,000

Long Term options:

  • Government programs such as Medicare offer limited benefits. Medical assistance for those with limited means have greater benefits however the level of care is questionable. 

Most effective long term care policies are:

  • Traditional 

    • Protects against natural risks of aging 

  • Dual Party 

    • 15%-40% discounts for couples 

  • Hybrid Products

    • Innovative vs. traditional products




Source: California statistics

Portrait of Senior Man
Long Term Care

Disability Insurance


Disability insurance ensures one's income against the risk that a disability creates a hurdle to complete the core responsibilities of their profession.


Who needs disability insurance?

  • Roughly 1 in 4 people will incur a disability prior to retirement

    • On average disability insurance costs roughly 1-3% of a person's income.​


We offer various strategies depending on your professional situation.

Disability Insurance
Our Team

Martin Strauss

Martin spent time explaining the insurance options and products available to me and directed me and continues to direct me to the best product for my particular health needs.


Adam Gilman


We have recommended Adam to many friends and business associates, and all have reported back to us how pleased they were with his high degree of professional advice.

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